Why BA Graduates Are Enrolling at the Best B.Ed. Teacher Training Institutes in Kolkata

MA or B.Ed.? Students graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts often have to choose between the two. Surprisingly, in recent years, many such students have chosen the latter. Instead of getting postgraduate degrees, many BA graduates are joining the best B.Ed. teacher training institute in Kolkata. Here, we will explore the key drivers behind this trend. 

Why MA Courses Are Failing to Attract Students

A “Master of Arts” (MA) is a two-year postgraduate course typically pursued by BA students. The MA course can be on any humanities subject. BA degree holders with 55% or higher marks can sign up for these courses. But, most of them are not taking that tried and tested step. Here are the reasons why:

  • Cost: Master’s degrees can be super-expensive, especially at top humanities institutes.
  • Poor Job Prospects: The main reason students are not opting for master’s programs is poor job prospects. In most cases, a Master’s degree comes handy for highly specialized jobs. The competition for such jobs is very high, even though these jobs do not have extravagant promotions or salary prospects.

Now we have a basic idea of why the allure of Master’s degrees is fading among BA graduates. Let us assess its nemesis. Let us find out why professional teacher training courses appeal to new-age BA graduates.

Decoding the Allure of The Best B.Ed. Teacher Training Institute in Kolkata

A Bachelor of Education course (B.Ed.) is a 2-year course designed for students who want to be professional teachers. Anyone with an undergraduate degree (BA/B.Com./B.Sc.) from a recognized university can apply for B.Ed. Here are the core reasons why B.Ed. teacher training is so popular among new-age BA graduates:

More Job Opportunities

The demand for teachers in both the public and private sectors keeps increasing. Graduates from the best B.Ed. teacher training institute in Kolkata are best positioned to land these jobs. In the private sector, these graduates can apply for a variety of roles, including:

  • Teacher
  • Education counselor
  • Academic researcher
  • Curriculum designer

In the public sector, B.Ed. teacher training graduates can pass the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) and instantly qualify for jobs at public schools. These graduates can apply for a variety of roles at central and state-level public schools, including: 

  • Primary school teachers
  • Language teachers
  • Central government teachers
  • School assistants

Even a diploma in elementary education near Kolkata can qualify you for many of these jobs. 

Flexible Job Opportunities

Teachers have flexible hours. They have guaranteed holidays all through the year, and they don’t have to work over 40 hours/week.

Easier Access to Teacher Training

Another underrated factor driving the popularity of B.Ed. courses is their accessibility. Institutions like Larn EduTech have simplified the process of applying for and completing teacher training programs. Plus, B.Ed. graduates from Larn consistently qualify for exciting job opportunities. No wonder so many BA Graduates are ditching MA courses for professional teacher training! 

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