Nursery vs Montessori Teacher Training Course in Kolkata: What Are the Differences? 

It is a good option for aspiring teachers to take a Montessori teacher training course in Kolkata. What is this course, and how is it different from a standard nursery teacher training course in Kolkata? Let’s review both these courses in detail to determine which one’s better for aspiring educators.  

What is the Montessori Teacher Training Course in Kolkata?

A standard Montessori teacher training course in Kolkata will help students gain the knowledge and skills needed to become Montessori teachers. Montessori institutes are educational institutions that guide the Montessori teaching method.

It is a child-centric teaching method developed in the early 20th century by the Italian educator Maria Montessori. It revolves around the idea that children learn most effectively by exploring their environment and engaging in activities. 

For 100+ years, this educational approach has been promulgated in classrooms worldwide. Montessori Teacher Training (MTT) courses give aspiring teachers a clear understanding of the Montessori philosophy and the skills they need to deliver engaging learning experiences.

  • By completing MTT courses, students can earn Diploma and PG Diploma degrees.
  • The course content is highly logical, and lectures and tests complement every module.

MTT courses are for those aspiring teachers who wish to work in Montessori houses and teach children between the ages of 3 and 6. The Montessori philosophy is widely popular among parents. That’s why, Montessori-trained teachers are always paid handsomely. It is especially true for teachers who undergo the best Montessori teacher training course in Kolkata

What is Nursery Teacher Training (NTT)?

Nursery Teacher Training is another diploma course that prepares aspiring teachers for a career in child education. NTT graduates typically find employment in play schools, nursery schools, and daycare centers. Unlike Montessori Teacher Training, the coursework in NTT is more general. 

Aspiring educators learn the basic skills they need to be effective educators for children between the ages of 2 and 4. The coursework includes general topics like child development, classroom management, lesson planning, behavior management, and curriculum development.

Differences between MTT and NTT Courses

In addition to the age difference, here are some notable differences between the two courses: 

Course Content: MTT is a more specific training program that prepares students for a lucrative career in Montessori education. Conversely, NTT is less intensive and has less specific course content. 

Job Prospects: Montessori-trained teachers are usually hard to find. Hence, MTT graduates often get paid highly. 

Eligibility Criteria: To apply for either of these courses, you’ll have to complete your 10+2 education from a recognized board. NTT centers are more welcoming to students from all educational backgrounds. On the other hand, most high-end MTT centers require additional accreditations and skills from their applicants. 

In conclusion, MTT and NTT are good educational options for aspiring teachers. Which one should you choose? Well, at institutions like Larn EduTech, you get both options. Consider exploring Larn’s Nursery and Montessori Teacher Training Programmes to determine which is better for you! 

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