Getting Primary Teachers Training vs Diploma in Elementary Education Near Kolkata: What are the Differences?

diploma in Elementary Education near Kolkata

Are you interested in teaching at the primary level (ages 6 to 14)? Then, you probably have a clear educational roadmap: complete your diploma in Elementary Education near Kolkata in 2-years and then secure a job as a primary-level teacher. 

However, many students are signing up for shorter, more customized courses at leading primary teachers training institutes in Kolkata. Which of these paths to a career in primary-level education is better? Let us explore.   

Many Paths, One Passion

  • Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.) 
  • Primary Teacher Training

Both courses train teachers to teach at the primary level. However, there are some fundamental differences.  

FeatureDiploma in Elementary Education near KolkataDegree from Primary Teachers Training Institute in Kolkata
CertificationDiploma with certification to teach at the Primary and Elementary LevelBachelor’s Degree with certification to teach at the Primary Level
Eligibility and DurationStudents can only apply after completing Class 12. Must have scored at least 50% in your class 12th exam. 2-year full-time courseClass 12th. Must have scored at least 45% in your class 12th exam. The duration can vary depending on the institute. It can be anywhere between 18 months to 3 years.
Regulated byNational Council for Teacher Education (NCTE)Depends on the specific institution; may or may not be regulated by NCTE
Age Group Focus   Do Trainees Get Hands-On Teaching Experience?6 to 14     Yes5 to 11   May or may not be included in the course.
Job ProspectsA range of job prospects because D.El.Ed.-degree holders are certified to teach at the Primary and Elementary Levels. These programs also cover more subjects than primary teacher training programs.Narrow range of job prospects. Bachelor’s degree holders from primary teachers training institutes are only certified to teach at the primary level at primary schools.
Career AdvancementEasier to advance into positions such as secondary teacher, elementary teacher, school administrator, curriculum developer, and more.Candidates may need to enroll in more advanced courses in to qualify for advanced leadership positions.
Personal interestIt is an ideal option for students who want a quick, affordable, and proven way to become qualified to teach at the primary/elementary level.It is a good option for students who want a focused education in teaching at the primary level.

From the chart, we can see the differences between the two courses:

  • A diploma in Elementary Education is a professional-level course mandatory for teachers wishing to teach at both the primary and elementary levels. 
  • Primary teacher training delivers focused education in teaching exclusively at the primary level. 
  • D.El.Ed. programs cover a wider range of subjects and offer more job opportunities. 

Now that you know the differences, which roadmap do you think is better for you? At Larn EduTech, we offer both courses. We even offer distance pre-primary teacher training courses in Kolkata that are 100% online. Contact us now for more detailed guidance on your journey to a career in education! 

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