Can You Apply for a Government Job After Completing Your Distance Graduation in Behala Kolkata? 

Remote learning and distance graduation courses have exploded in popularity in the post-pandemic world. But can these courses qualify you for government jobs and exams? Yes! Here we will explain how students can apply for government jobs or take government exams after completing their distance graduation in Behala Kolkata. Before that, let us review the eligibility criteria for government job aspirants.

Eligibility Criteria for Government Job Aspirants

When applying for central government jobs, applicants need to fulfill a long list of eligibility criteria. One of the main criteria is having a traditional bachelor’s degree in a specific subject or something equivalent to that. Are distance degrees equivalent to traditional degrees? As per the Indian parliament, they are. The Indian Union Government’s “University Grants Commission” (UGC) Act specifies this detail. 

Section 3 of the UGC Act clearly states that the central government automatically recognizes all degrees, certifications, and diplomas, including those awarded via distance learning courses. In other words, when it comes to central government jobs, completing your distance education in Behala Kolkata is the same as completing a traditional degree or diploma course. 

The same rule applies to government entrance exams. Many government entrance exams require applicants to be graduates and degree holders. Distance graduates, i.e., those who’ve acquired their degrees remotely or online, fall under this category. It includes Civil Services exams and all national-level competitive exams.

However, there is one vital detail distance graduates need to be aware of. Their online or distance degrees are only valid if they are certified by the University Grants Commission. Here’s an example that simplifies this rule:

  • Let’s say you complete a distance pre-primary teacher training course in Kolkata.
  • Your goal is to apply for a government teaching job.
  • If the institute you’ve obtained the distance degree from is certified by the University Grants Commission, you’ll have no trouble applying for this job.
  • If the institute you’ve obtained the distance degree from is NOT certified by the University Grants Commission, your application will not be accepted.

Get it? Your distance education institute has to be approved by the UGC. If the institute has this and other accreditations such as DEB certification (Distance Education Board) or National Assessment and Accreditation Council certification (NAAC), even better! But, if your distance education institute does not have the UGC’s approval, your distance degrees will not be deemed “valid” for government positions. 

Government Job Prospects After Distance Graduation in Behala Kolkata

As long as you obtain your distance degree from a UGC and DEB-certified institution, you can apply for pretty much any government job relevant to your field/degree. That’s why selecting a certified and reputable institute like Larn EduTech is vital for aspiring distant graduates. Larn’s teachers’ training programs and flagship UG and PG programs can all be completed digitally, and they’re all 100% valid in the eyes of the UGC or the DEB.

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