The Most In-Demand Course of 2023: Sky-High Enrollments at the Best B.Ed. Teacher Training Institute in Kolkata

best B.Ed. teacher training institute in Kolkata

The number of students enrolling at the best B.Ed. teacher training institutes in Kolkata keeps increasing every year. Teacher shortages are on the rise, and the demand for young, skilled, and certified teachers is sky-high. 

The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree helps students aspiring to enter the teaching profession jump-track their careers. That’s because B.Ed. teacher training programs offer a comprehensive education in teaching. This comprehensive and all-inclusive mode of education is the need of the hour. Here’s why. 

Teachers Who Can Teach Children of All Ages

At the best B.Ed. teacher training institute in Kolkata, students will undergo two rigorous years of training, learning all the essential skills and knowledge they need to be successful teachers in varied settings, including public schools, private schools, and charter schools. Students will learn how to develop curriculums, manage classrooms, and apply time-tested instructional methods in the classroom.   

By the end of their B.Ed. teacher training course, they’ll be certified to teach children of all ages, from preschool to high school. Now, let’s compare that to the best Montessori teacher training course in Kolkata

Completing a high-quality Montessori teacher training course will lead to many well-paying and satisfying job opportunities. But, Montessori teachers can only teach children of ages 2 to 6 years old. Unlike B.Ed. teachers, they’re not qualified or equipped to teach varied age groups and subjects. 

Job Opportunities for B.Ed. Graduates

Job opportunities are the main reason enrollments in primary, pre-primary, and Montessori teacher training institutes are not as high as compared to the best B.Ed. teacher training institutes in Kolkata. Here are the jobs B.Ed. graduates can apply for right after earning their certifications.

SectorJob Title
Government SchoolsCurriculum Manager, Educational Researcher, Educational Administrator, Headmistress or Headmaster, Vice Principal, Principal, Teacher
Private SchoolsEducational Counselor, Content Writer, Curriculum Manager, Educational Researcher, Educational Administrator, Headmistress or Headmaster Vice Principal, Principal, Teacher, Online Tutor
Private Child Care UnitsTeacher, Caregiver, Educational Researcher, Curriculum Manager
Private Coaching InstitutesTeacher, Curriculum Manager, Tutor, Academic Advisor, Educational Researcher
Online Education PlatformsEducational Counselor, Online Tutor, Content Writer, Curriculum Designer

New-age students are career-focused. They always want to be sure that their investment in education pays off. They need assurances of employment before they commit to 2 years of in-person training at an institute. 

That’s what the top B.Ed. teacher training institutes in Kolkata offer. The rise of non-in-person training in education has also contributed to this mindset. Today, the leading teacher training institutes offer distance courses for students specializing in niche fields. 

For example, aspiring teachers who want to work with young children can easily take a distance pre-primary teacher training course in Kolkata from the comfort of their homes. That is what we do at Larn EduTech. Our team gives students a range of flexible learning options. We offer over 60 courses- some of them are in-person, some of them are online!

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