Applying at the Best M.Ed. Teacher Training Institutes in Kolkata in 2023: What You Need to Know

Are you a B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) degree holder planning to earn your Masters? Here’s everything aspiring “Masters of Education” need to know about applying at the best M.Ed teacher training institutes in Kolkata.

What is M.Ed. Teacher Training?

M.Ed stands for “Master of Education.” It is a two-year course that covers the more academic aspects of the teaching profession such as curriculum planning, student psychology, and school administration. This course can be pursued on either a full-time or part-time basis.

As soon as they finish their courses, M.Ed. graduates are deemed qualified for most teaching jobs at the elementary, secondary, and third-grade levels. But, most M.Ed. graduates choose to work in higher positions such as curriculum developers, teacher trainers, and consultants.

The demand for M.Ed. graduates is currently extremely high in most urban regions of India, as the central government is amplifying its attempts to upscale the quality of education. Hence, the average salary for M.Ed. graduates in India is quite high (approx. ₹50,000 per month).

The best M.Ed teacher training institutes in Kolkata offer a variety of specializations such as school administration, special education, and more. Some institutes even offer long-distance training. B.Ed graduates can pursue their Masters online if they want.

Eligibility Criteria

The best M.Ed teacher training institutes in Kolkata have very high standards. So, the M.Ed eligibility criteria at these institutions are also pretty strict. The most basic eligibility criteria for this course are:

  • A Bachelor of Education degree from a documented college/university. Some institutes also accept BElEd (Bachelor of Elementary Education), BAEd (Bachelor of Arts in Education), BScEd (Bachelor of Science in Education), and MScEd (Master of Science in Education) degrees.
  • A minimum score of 50% in their previous B.Ed, BElEd, BAEd, BScEd, or MScEd exam. The minimum marks required in the qualifying exams will vary from institute to institute.  
  • Some of the best M.Ed teacher training institutes in Kolkata offer teachers entrance tests on topics like language proficiency, teaching aptitude, reasoning and logic, and more.

The M.Ed eligibility criteria are not uniform. Candidates are advised to find out the exact requirements of the institutions they are interested in before filing their applications. 

Who Should Pursue M.Ed Teacher Training?

Here are the types of candidates who benefit the most from completing M.Ed teacher training courses:

  • Students who want a long-lasting career in the education industry.
  • Students who want to work with national/international organizations or NGOs that promote education in different parts of the world.
  • Teachers who have completed their B. Ed course and want to advance in their profession.
  • Students who aspire to become education counselors.

After completing their M.Ed teacher training courses, students can also opt for higher studies. They can obtain PhDs and or enter the research field as professional educationists.

Careers Opportunities for M.Ed Graduates

Contrary to popular belief, M.Ed degree holders have a diverse array of career options to choose from. Of course, most M.Ed degree holders become teachers or counselors at educational institutions. But, they can also apply for unique roles like:

  • Researcher
  • Education Consultant
  • Principal
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Educational Technology Specialist
  • Child Care Director
  • Educational Policy Developer
  • Senior Business Analysts

If you aspire to be in the educational field in 2023, completing your M.Ed teacher training will enhance your teaching skills and broaden the scope of your career opportunities. LARN EDUTECH is one institute where aspiring M.Ed graduates get to obtain all of these benefits and more. Contact us now for more information on LARN EDUTECH’s M.Ed courses!

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